The evolution of VFX Oscar winners

We’ve all seen a lot of films, right? Why would you be on a site about filmmaking otherwise? Apart from the obvious good lucks and charm of our writers, of course. Today, we’re taking a look at all of the VFX Oscar winners. Not just of the last 10 or 20 years but of all the years since the awards inception in 1927/28. Okay, so it wasn’t technically called the Award for Best Visual Effects, as it’s known today. It was called the Award for Engineering Effects and that tells us a lot about the state of VFX in those days, or lack of VFX, to be exact. 1927 was the dawn of a new filmmaking era, it was the time when VFX began to be used and more importantly, recognised as a filmmaking achievement.

Or so it seemed, there wasn’t another award until 1938 and it was called “a special award for outstanding achievement in creating special photographic and sound effects”. It took another 25 years for the award to evolve into what we know and love today. In 1963, the Award for Best Visual Effects was born and the industry continued to honour the creative visions and talent of VFX artist to present day – with the exception of 1973, because screw you 1973. Now you get to geek out to all of the VFX Oscar winners in this great 10 minute video.

SOURCE: Burger Fiction on Vimeo

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