Out of this world sci-fi weapon FX!

Andrew Kramer for VideoCoPilot is here to show you to create these sci-fi weapon effects and all the elements that goes into making sci-fi weapon FX. The techniques in this video can be used for a whole host of other styles and effects you want to create for your video. The tutorial specifically looks at muzzle flashes, displacement, adding sparks, radial blurs, tracking and of course, the lighting. You’ll be able to take what you’ve learnt and apply it to your portfolio, so even if you don’t want to create sci-fi weapons, it’s a great tutorial to watch.

You may well have come across Andrew Kramer and VideoCoPilot before. They have produced hundreds of tutorials over the years for everyone learning about using programs like Adobe After Effects, Mocha, Adobe Premier and more. Each tutorial is incredibly in depth, they have a particular fondness of sci-fi effects but always with a focus towards learning the wide array of features available in these programs. I learnt everything I know about creating explosions in my films through watching these tutorials. I even often just sit down with a nice cup of tea and watch through them. Good times.

Learn VFX

Andrew also usually provides the supporting material with his tutorials. Although, a lot of the tutorials are aimed at getting you to go and buy their products, which is fine considering how good their products actually are! Even with this up sell, they are still an essential learning tool for any budding VFX artist. VideoCoPilot produce plugins and 3D packs for VFX houses, which are fast becoming industry standard packages. Andrew himself, has worked on some huge movies, like Super 8. So be sure to keep an eye on their site as they are uploading new and advanced tutorials all the time.

SOURCE: Video CoPilot