Face Tracking with Adobe After Effects

Evan goes through this new feature and the capabilities of face tracking. We also take a look at a few of the shortfalls of this new feature. Evan is a VFX expert currently working in industry, he is also a tutor here at GetFilming, teaching one of our most popular courses, an Intro to Adobe After Effects. As you’ll see from this face tracking tutorial, Evan is an excellent tutor who goes into great detail when teaching students. Which is why we got him on board as a tutor here at the school.

First things first, what is face tracking? Well, face tracking allows us to stick anchors onto the subject and attach ‘things’ to those anchors. What are those things? They can be anything from a mustache to a flying squirrel. Two things, we think you’ll agree, every video needs more of. Something to remember about using this feature, is the bigger the subject in the frame the more time it will take to get this effect right.

Learn VFX

Using Adobe After Effects, Evan goes through every click to master the dark art of face tracking. If you’ve ever tried this kind of effect before, you’ll know the amount of data you get after hitting the track button, is insane. You’ll spend a lot of time going through all of that data just to get your flying squirrel to anchor to the correct point, without it jumping around. So, the tutorial shows you the most efficient way to achieve the look you are going for. You’ll begin to understand how the feature works and how it makes choices, which means you will be able to problem solve all of the problems thrown up. You’ll also start to understand what kind of footage you’ll want to get to make your tracking even better.

Source: Evan Abrams YouTube