Cinematography Tips From YouTube’s Finest

7 Great Cinematography Tips for Indie Filmmakers There are a lot of brilliant cinematographers out there, unfortunately there are also a lot of wannabe cinematographers who don’t yet know what they [...]

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How to Become a Cinematographer

Learn the art and the science, that's how to become a cinematographer You’ve decided. You’re going to become the greatest cinematographer the world has ever seen, but now you need [...]

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What does a cinematographer do?

You want to be a cinematography, but what does a cinematographer do? If you’re about to embark on the fulfilling life career goal of becoming a cinematographer (or Director of [...]

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Micro Budget Filmmaking Advice and Tips

Your micro budget film will be awesome! When you think of your favorite film, what is it that you think about? It's certainly not about whether it is a product of [...]

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Color Grading 2K Footage Like a Pro!

Masking and Color Grading. Lovely Stuff. In this Film Riot episode, we take a look at color grading a shot of a plane. You'd expect to go for one grade [...]

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Screenwriting Tips to Improve your Scripts

[clear] 8 Screenwriting tips to make you a better writer! Okay, so we all know at least 523 people that claim to be a screenwriter. We hear the same statements about them [...]

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