Filmmaking Advice with Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese’s filmmaking advice for beginners Without a doubt, if you asked a room full of filmmakers who their biggest influence is. The name Martin Scorsese would crop up a [...]

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15 Quick Filmmaking Tips and Tricks

Feast your eyes on these quick filmmaking tips We've all been there, on set, with a thousand problems and no answers. As a filmmaker, every tip should be greatly received [...]

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The Coen Brothers Filmmaking Techniques

Shot/Reverse shot filmmaking with the Coen brothers There's no denying that the Coen brothers are unique in the film industry and have created their own style. They are known as filmmaking [...]

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What makes a good story?

Explosions! No. Here's what makes a good story What makes a good story? It doesn’t matter who you ask, you will always get a different answer to that question every [...]

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Directing Tips from Ron Howard

Ron Howard shares the passion behind his success Ron Howard’s Father was a director of theater so it was somewhat inevitable that he would start his career as a child [...]

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