Skeleton Zombie Special FX. You’ll Need Brains!

Zombies! Everyone loves a zombie. So today we’re showcasing this skeleton zombie special fx tutorial so you can turn yourself (and others) into a zombie. In particular, a skeleton zombie, the tutorial will show you how to create the makeup and prosthetics to achieve this look. It’s a great look but if you’re looking to attract a mate, you should probably try something else.

The tutorial is by the popular YouTube channel, elimacs sfx makeup. They have a huge amount of tutorials on sfx makeup and how to turn yourself into just about anything. For filmmakers on a budget, these kind of tutorials are great for learning and advancing your skills as a filmmaker. Even if you don’t want to specifically be in the sfx industry, it always bodes well if you are knowledgeable on these kind of things. As a filmmaker, whether that’s as a director, producer, writer or a general all rounder, if you learn about the things no-one expects you to know about, you will be a more valuable resource. Meaning, if you work on a production and you can help out with skeleton zombie special fx, or any other area that isn’t your specific job, your name will be the first name to come up next time that team are looking for production staff.

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Of course, if you are looking to get into the sfx industry, then we suggest you watch this excellent tutorial. If you follow along, even better! The tutorial goes into great depth and detail on creating the skeleton zombie special fx. It even links to other videos that cover the basics that this more advanced tutorial skips over. As with all tutorials, you should aim to learn about the art, rather than just imitating. When you take the principles of a tutorial and use your creativity to apply that to other areas of your expertise, you’ll learn a lot, fast!

SOURCE: elimacs sfx makeup