8 Screenwriting tips to make you a better writer!

Okay, so we all know at least 523 people that claim to be a screenwriter. We hear the same statements about them working on their web series or first feature film and when we ask to read their script, nothing. “It’s in the idea phase right now”, is it? Spend time learning some screenwriting tips, like from the video below, and don’t be one of those people. There’s nothing really wrong with this of course, ideation is a huge part of screenwriting. In fact, you really can’t write a script without at least some sense of what it will be about. BUT! If you truly want to be a screenwriter, you’ll need to study screenwriting and actually write some scripts!

Our resident screenwriting tutor, Adrian Mead will tell you the first thing you should do as a writer is, well, write. It’s sounds simple, doesn’t it? Adrian has a series of online courses with us, you can learn about our online screenwriting masterclass here, but first, let’s watch a quick screenwriting tips video.

Learn how to write a screenplay

The below tutorial from D4Darious gives us eight essential screenwriting tips that every screenwriter should follow. At the very least, you should be listening to these screenwriting tips! There’s a lot you can do to improve you screenwriting skills and different techniques work for different people. The tutorial talks about reading scripts, so read some scripts and then, when you think you have read enough, read more.

D4Darious also covers other screenwriting tips, like go to acting classes to learn how actors work. People watching is another popular recommendation, the idea is that you should be aware of your surroundings and take inspiration from the people around you. Write! Seriously, you have no idea how many “screenwriters” don;t actually write. Write every day, write on the toilet (not on the toilet – whilst you are on the toilet), write on the bus or train or horse…you get the idea. Watch bad films as well as good films, you will learn about how not to craft a script as well as learning some nice screenwriting scripts. Eventially, you’ll understand what makes that script so bad in the first place and why yours is (going to be) better.

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