Your micro budget film will be awesome!

When you think of your favorite film, what is it that you think about? It’s certainly not about whether it is a product of micro budget filmmaking. So, is it the amazing FX? Is it the sweeping landscapes? The amazing Clint Mansell soundtrack? Or, is it the story and the way the film portrays this story to you, the viewer. A lot of people will just point to the films with the biggest budgets that consist of 90% CGI – not that that’s a bad thing, far from it, we love all of those things. For us though, as filmmakers, our favorite films are the films that mean something to us. The films that perfectly capture a character, a character we can relate to and believe in and that we want to achieve their goals and desires, despite, y’know, everything going tits up.

So then, why is it that so many filmmakers put a barrier of budget constraints in their way before they even get started? Indie filmmaking is about getting it done, whatever the circumstances. You don’t have a budget in the millions, you don’t have the expensive and equipment and in all honesty, you probably can’t afford to even feed your runners but you do have a story and it’s a good one. So let’s do this.

Low Budget Filmmaking Tips And Advice

D4Darius runs a great YouTube for filmmakers, he’s constantly uploading tons of information for indie filmmakers and typically anyone making a micro budget films. In this video, he quickly goes over everything you need to be thinking about when your planning your movie and there’s a lot to think about! This is a great overview of the world of micro budget filmmaking.

Everything about Micro Budget Filmmaking

We figure out a way to make films without all of the fancy stuff…like money. This is another great video about micro budget filmmaking, providing lots of tips and tricks and everything else you need to be thinking about. Jared also goes into the actual logistics of filmmaking with micro budgets in mind. It’s the first video in a series of micro budget filmmaking, this one focuses mainly on directing.

Edward Burns Discusses Micro Budget Filmmaking

Here’s the thing with having a budget that Walter White would be proud of, it comes with people and people can be a real pain in the dick. Think about it, who is actually going to just give you a load of money to go and make a film? You now have to answer to that person. Suddenly your film has to be profitable, every decision you make will be scrutinised as your dream of being a filmmaker gets harder and harder. With your micro budget filmmaking, who do you answer to? Just yourself. You have complete creative freedom when you make films this way. So while it may to tough, you’ll be making the films that you want to make, as Edward Burns discusses.

Tips on How to Make Low Budget Movies

Jared Drake goes straight into some money saving tips! Nice. Before making a low-budget movie, find out what the maximum budget is going to be and learn how to be creative with money. Then figure out how to turn into Jesus and feed all your crew with one tube of pringles.

Sound Advice: No-Budget Sound Tricks

Sound advice. See what he did there? Jokes are free, you should do your best to make your jokes good. Sound is a very important aspect of film so you’ll want to make sure that we can at least hear what’s going on. If you’re serious about becoming a filmmaker, you’ll need to make sure your sound is better than “It’ll do”. In today’s world, with some amazing cheap technology, there’s really no excuse to having bad sound.

No-Budget Filmmaking Gear – The DIY Filmmaker

This is a very general overview of the gear that you’ll be needing to get hold of to shoot your film and some of the cheap alternatives. Perfect for micro budget filmmaking! The nice gear is always very nice to have, but you can work up to that, for now, you can get yourself a complete filmmaking kit for relatively little money.

Essential and Cheap Filmmaking Gear

The title of this one says it all really, essential and cheap filmmaking gear for all your micro budget filmmaking needs. Heraldandreview talks about building your ‘toolbox’ so that you have everything you need to be able to do anything you need to do. Making films on a micro budget is going to need a lot of creativity, especially when you’re on location and you suddenly need to (for whatever reason) lodge a camera in a tree, it’d be handy to have everything you need to quickly and cheaply do that.

Low Budget Lighting Tips For Your Videos & Films!

If we can;t actually see your film, it’s going to suck. If we can see it but the lighting is poor, it’s still going to suck. You’re going to have to put in some effort – that comes free, by the way – and figure out the best way to light your scene given the budget…situation.

There’s nothing wrong with making films on a micro budget. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help or favours either. There is absolutely something wrong with using a lack of budget as a reason not to make films. If you are a filmmaker, then go out and get filming, stop making excuses! What’s your favorite tips for micro budget filmmaking? Let us know in the comments below.