The Edinburgh Short Film Festival

As you may be aware, we are on a mission to #supportindiefilm. We are all filmmakers here at GetFilming, we love creating, learning and watching. This whole site was born out of our need to not only create films and TV ourselves but to also do everything we can to help and inspire filmmakers to learn and create. We figure that way, we will have more awesome content to watch. Content created by the amazingly talented people who don’t have access to a Hollywood budget but can enter festivals like the Edinburgh Short Film Festival.

The next obvious step for GetFilming is to support film festivals like the Edinburgh Short Film Festival. A festival that gives us filmmakers a outlet to connect with like minded filmmakers, to create work and to get a reaction from an audience. If you’re looking to enter a festival, give the Edinburgh Short Film Festival a look, they run a great festival.

Edinburgh Short Film Festival

What is the Edinburgh Short Film Festival about?

Paul, from the Edinburgh Short Film Festival got in touch to give us some info:

Dedicated and passionate about short film, The Edinburgh Short Film Festival has brought some of the best contemporary Scottish, UK and international short film to the Scottish capital since its inception in 2011.

Over the years, we’ve held screenings in venues ranging from the Cameo & Dominion Cinemas and Summerhall Arts Centre to holding pavement screenings outside coffee kiosks and in basement Karaoke bars!

Each year we curate screenings of some of our best short films for international festivals around the world, we’ve worked with the Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival as well as the Sardinia Film Festival and in 2016 we will also be working with Short Shorts Film Festival, Japan’s biggest short film festival.

We’re also awarding the Rising Star Award for most promising new film-maker and holding drinks receptions and networking events!


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