10 Case studies of using social media while marketing your film

You’ve made Jurassic Park 5 but what do you do next? Let’s be honest, if you’ve made Jurassic Park 5 then you’ll have more engagement on social media than you could ever want but what about everyone else? Like so many things in the filmmaking world, there are a ton of success stories to reference when you start to think about marketing your film. We’ve scoured the internet, to find the best resources for us filmmakers to learn from. After all, there’s no fun in putting your heart and soul into making a film and then having no audience to show it to. Except your Mum of course, but she will always love it.


The Online Fandom That Launched “The Fault in Our Stars”

by Meredith Levine (Recode)

One of the more successful films of the past year was a surprise to a lot of people. Not because it was a bad film (it isn’t, by the way) but because it came out of nowhere. Both the book and the film seemed to be an overnight success but there was a lot more to it than random success. So, the first case study we take a look at is for “The Fault in Our Stars”.

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Create Awesome Films

Inside “The Hunger Games” Social Media Machine

by Danielle DePalma (FastCoCreate)

You may well have heard of these movies, if you haven’t then where have you been hiding? The Hunger Games is one of the most successful franchises ever and that’s in no small part down to the social media marketing they have been doing and continue to do. Could you imitate what they have done for your indie? Maybe, but you don’t have to! This case study is here to learn from and use the techniques described to help you come up with a strategy, not do it for you.

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Top 10 Twitter Tips for Filmmakers

by Thom Powers (Stranger than Fiction)

This post was written way back in August 2012 but it’s still a great reference to some quick Twitter tips. Thom Powers shares his thoughts on what the most important part of using Twitter are, whilst marketing your film. Which is good to know, because being successful on twitter is actually harder than it may first appear. You may be a genius at it and if so, we doff our respective caps to you. If you are a twitter genius, just remember, with great power…you know the rest.

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6 Golden Rules for Filmmakers on Social Media

by Sean Holmquest (PBS)

This article is more of a general list of best practice when it comes to marketing your film through social media. Being geniune and reaching out to your audience can go a long way, as you’d expect! If you can be in a position long before your film is ready to launch, that you know will mean you have people ready and waiting to share your film, it’s going to make your job a lot easier. So reach out and connect!

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Filmmakers Say Instagram, Twitter Key to Generating Buzz at Sundance

by Jennifer Moire (Social Times)

You’ve done everything right. You film is complete (and it’s awesome, of course) and you’ve successfully launched using social media, probably among other marketing methods. You’ve done such a good job that you’re now into Sundance. Holy film festivals, Batman! What do you do now to make the most of this opportunity?

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A Guide to Social Media Movie Promotion

by  Sheri Candler (MovieMaker)

This is a two part article on promoting your movie on social media. There’s a theme going on in this list. Sheri talks about how she has successfully marketed blogs and films through social media before and how you can apply this to marketing your film. You might even be inspired to write your own blog, make it about film and you have another marketing channel!

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Filmmakers Using Social Media Effectively

Ron Mwangaguhunga (business2community)

This article focuses more on case studies from filmmakers who have been successful doing what we’re trying to learn from this list. Ron highlights case studies from popular film industry names like Kevin Smith and Edward Burns and points out why and how they have been so successful in using social media for good.

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10 Social Media Tips for Filmmakers (Especially When Crowdfunding)

by Kristin McCracken (Indiewire)

You might be reading this list thinking “Hang on just a goddam minute! What if I need to use social media to get some money to make the damn thing?” Well, you’re in luck. The good thing about crowdfunding your film to get it made (apart from the fact you can actually now make your film) is that you will have a great basis for marketing your film once it’s made. This article talks about marketing your film before it’s even made, for crowdfunding!

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BONUS: 10 Terrifying Social Media Mistakes Filmmakers Make

by Elliot Grove (Raindance)

First, I just want to point out that the list has 13 mistakes, not 10 like the title would leave you to believer. The irony, just saying. Anyway, as we’ve covered how social media can really help when marketing your film, the opposite is also true. If you do a bad job, it’s not going to have any impact at all and sometimes, it might even hinder your chances of success.


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Whichever method you choose to market your film, we wish you the best of luck! What are your favorite methods? Let us know in the comments below.