Hey you! Things every filmmaker should do right now, even you.

You’ve finished your film, so now the hard work is over, right? Wrong! Now it’s time to get promoting it. However long your to do list is right now, it’s about to get a little longer with these 7 tips that things every filmmaker should do right now.

Screencraft recently sat down with Amy Singer (Content Partnerships, YouTube), Erica Anderson (Chief Marketing Director, Seed&Spark), Erick Opeka (SVP of Digital Distribution, Cinedigm), Adam Neuhaus (Creative Producer, @radical.media) and Marc Schiller (Founder & CEO, BOND 360) to discuss what you should be doing right now to grow your career.


Get on twitter (follow us @getfilming) and find anyone who’s talking about the subject matter of your film. Search the hashtags, search your topics and engage with people who are doing what you want to be doing. Send direct messages to like minded people and try to engage with not just your audience, but people in your niche.

Film Festivals

Submit your film to film festivals! Check out sites like FilmFreeway and Without a Box and find festivals that fit your film. There are thousands of film festivals to choose from and many of them will be right for you. A decent festival can really help you to grow your career and it’s absolutely one of the things every filmmaker should do right now.

Make lists!

Lists are great, who doesn’t love a good list? Try to compile a list of key influencers around your topic that you can reach out to. The aim is to start leveraging this list to help you get the word out about your film. It only takes one of these people to make something great happen for you.

Find good tools

We’re not talking about a shiny new hammer. Although, that could come in handy too. We’re talking about streamlining your day to day process. With everything you need to be doing to promote your film you are going to find it hard to have the time to manage all of the social media, list building and outreach. So find a tool that will help you do this. We recommend something like Buffer, which is a social media scheduling tool.


Get your work on the biggest video sharing platform on the internet. It sounds simple, but a lot of filmmakers seem to miss this step and host the video themselves. Make sure you have a decent description and a clear call to action. Do you want the viewer to share your video? Subscribe to your channel? Tell them!


Createspace is an Amazon website and they have a lot of tools! You can put your film into their on demand streaming service. You can sell your short or feature using their on demand DVD service. It’s very simple to use and a great discoverable marketplace. People actually buy movies here from small independent filmmakers.

Organise your contacts

Put everyone in your contacts list into groups, the more data, the better. That way, when you go to outreach to people who may be able to get your film some more traction, you know who you are reaching out to, when and where you met them. For example, you would want to speak to a distributor you met on linkedin in a very different way to how you would speak to a film reviewer on youtube.

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What’s on your list of things every filmmaker should do right now? Let us know in the comments below.