Works of genius or just plain crazy films?

The line between the two can be very thin, often they are considered to be the same thing. We take a look at five films that could be considered, slightly crazy films.

The Happiness of the Katakuris

”Katakuri-ke no kôfuku” (2001)

Takashi Miike directs crazy films and this bonkers comedy-musical-horror that defies normality at every turn, is one of them.  This Japanese oddity opens with a claymation sequence involving a flying love struck imp, then goes on to include random deaths at a mountain chalet, a US naval officer allegedly related to the Queen Elizabeth II, musical sing along sections, volcanic eruptions and much, much more weirdness.

The Holy Mountain

”La Montaña Sagrada” (1977)

A joyous combination of surreal imagery and grand scope, “The Holy Mountain” is an incredibly imaginative and ambitious film. Maverick director Alejandro Jodorowsky aims to achieve crazy films that give “LSD hallucinations without LSD” and he comes pretty close here. Tracking the progress of a man from lowly thief to the apprentice of a powerful alchemist, we take a psychedelic journey in search of spiritual enlightenment.

Big Trouble in Little China


This John Carpenter classic is a constant joy. With each passing minute we’re introduced to another bizarre and memorable set piece or character. Kurt Russell’s easy charm as Jack Burton, a comically macho truck driver, binds all the oddities together as he comes to the aid of his friend Wang Chi.

They are in search of the villainous sorcerer David Lo Pan, whose schemes have led him to abduct Wang Chi’s bride-to-be. As Jack, Wang Chi and their ragtag crew battle to recover the would be-bride, they come into conflict with the lightning bold wielding martial artists and strange monsters that lie beneath the streets of San Francisco’s Chinatown.



I’m sure you’ll agree, it was a simple choice to include this is a list of crazy films. Springing from the mind of Quentin Dupieux, also known as Mr Oizo, the French house musician famous for Flat Eric’s Flat Beat used in Levi adverts of the late 90’s. “Rubber” centers on Robert; a psychotic, telekinetic car tyre, that rolls around a desert landscape making people’s heads explode. Throughout the film, the audience watches the tyre’s exploits through binoculars from a distance, critiquing the unfurling story.

If you’re looking for this to all make sense by the end, then you’re out of luck. As explained in it’s opening scene “the film you are about to see today is an homage to the “no reason”, that most powerful element of style.” Which just about sums up just about all you need to know about this gloriously bizarre, funny and inventive movie. See, Quentin Dupieux makes crazy films.

Bubba Ho-Tep


This low-budget horror stars Bruce Campbell (of “The Evil Dead” fame) as Elvis Pressley, who after a mishap with a body double, finds himself trapped in a retirement home with everyone believing him to be a deluded impersonator. Living out his final days in regret, his vigour is regained when he is forced to stop an ancient Egyptian mummy (dressed as a cowboy) that is sucking the life force out of his fellow pensioners.  He’s aided in his endeavours by an African-American man who claims to be JFK, but no one believes him because the FBI dyed his skin and removed part of his brain and replaced it with sawdust.  Charming throughout, it’s well worth a watch.

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