These Female Directors have had some Amazing Success!

What do all these films have in common? Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Twilight, Frozen, Private Parts, Shark Tale, Lords of Dogtown, Shrek, Clueless, The Guilt Trip and many more. They are all the work of some of the most successful female directors in the film industry. With diversity in film being such a big issue in film – and rightly so – we thought we would take the time to celebrate some of the amazing work created by female directors. And let me tell you, it really wasn’t easy picking just 10 female directors to showcase. This could easily have been an infograph of 100’s of directors.

Take a look at the infograph below to see an overview of the careers of 10 of the most successful female movie directors. We take a look at aspects of their careers like, years active, highest grossing films, what other roles they have worked as and more. But the most important element that this infograph highlights, is that gender is not the determining factor of success.

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Female Directors in the Film Industry

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There were far too many awesome directors to mention!

Unfortunately, the width of a webpage was the reason we could only showcase 10 female directors. So we wanted to take the time to give honorable mentions to some more of our favorite female directors that have created some of our most loved films. In no particular order;  Mimi Leder ($215.2), Kathryn Bigelow ($210.8), Phyllida Lloyd ($174.1), Niki Caro ($83.6), Mira Nair ($74.7), Jane Campion ($56.8), Claire Denis ($2.3).

Go check some of these great female directors out on this here internet! Then, let us know your favorites below.