Why is modern cinematography so different?

When a film is made today, there are big differences between the look and feel of the films when compared to older films, for example, films from Directors like Alfred Hitchcock. Modern cinematography has completely changed the way films are viewed, as we’d expect. It’s often obvious what the difference is, the industry has moved on, the budgets are higher and the technology is more advanced.

When we sit down to watch a remake and we think about a modern cinematography comparison of old vs new, the differences jump out at us even more. In the short analysis below, Sean McDougall give’s his thoughts on why that is. The video came about after Sean watched ‘Man Of Steel’ and thought it was a poor film, why? Because the fun was taken out of the Superman character, through, among other things, the cinematography. So he sat down to illustrate his point of why modern cinematography is very different to classic cinematography.

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Before you shoot any movie, you have to make important decisions about the look of a film. Elements like physical or digital film, aspect ratios, colour or black and white? You have to know what kind of film you’re trying to make to then you can make these informed decisions. The environment these decisions are made in has changed dramatically over time, to the point where modern cinematography can have the biggest impact on the look and feel of a film. Ridley Scott has been the stand out director that has impacted this change in modern cinematography. His style has influenced many great directors, like Tony Scott, David Fincher, Michael Bay and many more. This influence of Ridley Scott is the common de-saturated looks we see in many films today, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The mistake made, is that it isn’t good enough simply to imitate a style. You have know why this style is being adopted to the film and at some point, you have to make this stylistic choice as a result of understanding the script and the film.

SOURCE: Sean McDougall