A Breakdown of Music Video Cinematography

If you’re interested in cinematography or you’re looking to enter this industry career path, then you’ll understand why we’re showcasing this breakdown. Breakdowns of cinematic style and choice, like the video below, can give us great insight. Even for a Selena Gomez music video? Yes. Everything you see in each shot of a music video, is there because a decision made for it to be there. Nothing is there by accident, so we really recommend watching these kind of videos to enhance your knowledge.

The style of the below Selena Gomez video, is a typical music video for this kind of music. Unfortunately for us, the music industry is rather saturated with this style of music at the moment. You might have noticed how excited about this kind of music we are. The good news is, every one of these videos has the need for a cinematographer like you! So watch the video below and if that peaks your interest, head over to our courses section to learn how to become a cinematographer and it could be you that’s making these music videos next.

Learn Cinematography

This breakdown by Matt Workmen from the Cinematography Database is an excellent place to start learning about how to create music videos. The breakdown looks at how the cinematography style changes over time, to reflect how the artist is also changing over time. Matt looks at how the different lighting is achieved and what lights are used.

An important aspect of being a cinematographer is understanding why you made the choices you made. It’s not good enough to simply choose the lights that get the job done. Like any creative outlet, there is a theme. So while you are watching the video, think about what theme you think they were trying to create.

SOURCE: The Cinematography Database