All instructors

Dave Miller

Cinematography and Lighting

He has worked as a Director of Photography and Lighting Cameraman on everything from X-Factor and Loose Women to Scrapheap Challenge, Macbeth and even The Wicker Man (starring none other than everyone’s hero, Nicolas Cage).

Evan Abrams

After Effects and Premiere

Evan teaches quality Adobe After Effects tutorials, he has been using After Effects since 1995, which means he struggled through the early iterations of After Effects and came out the other side, which makes him kind of an expert.

Adrian Mead

Writer and Director

Adrian has been a working Writer and Director of film, television and radio drama since 1999. Adrian has built up an impressive CV including credits for BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and CBBC.

Rob Bessette

Colour Correction

We are very excited to work with Rob, he’s an exceptional colorist currently working in the industry for clients ranging from Adidas to Subway.