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We are bringing the very best in expert filmmaking tutors together with our community to create the most creative, collaborative and knowledgeable online film school we can.

Our courses are taught leading industry experts, currently working in the film and TV industries. We work with our tutors to provide fully comprehensive courses that will help you to learn, network and build your career, at your own pace. Together, we are going to create amazing content.


Learn After Effects at our online film school

VFX & Motion Graphics

VFX your thing? Great, we love VFX when they’re done right. It’s basically real life magic. We are working with some of the best tutors that are currently creating some stunning effects for film and TV, to bring you everything you need to know to make it in a competitive area like this.

Screenwriting Masterclass


Screenwriting can be a tricky beast, you might have an idea for a story but how do you get that down on paper into a way that creates a TV show or film? Luckily for you, at our online film school we work with expert screenwriters to create courses for our community to learn about the dark arts of screenwriting.

Learn the fundamentals of Cinematography at our online film school


Becoming a cinematographer is by no means an easy task. It’s one of the more desirable jobs in the TV and Film industry so how do you get your foot in the door? At our online film school, you’ll learn all this from the experts who have created some of the most visually stunning cinematography you’ll ever see.

Learn Directing at our online film school


How are you with answering questions? You’ll get a lot of questions as a director and that’s a good thing. As a director, you’ll need to know absolutely everything about your production, you’ll be responsible for the visual representation of the script and bringing the story to life. Come with us, we’ll show you how.

Learn Colour Grading at our online film school

Colour Grading & Correction

There are many ways to make a film look good but we teach you how to make it look amazing. Our grading courses are so in-depth, you’ll wonder how you’ve managed to get away with not knowing this stuff. It takes time, patience and a very creative eye to be great at grading and correction. Let’s start learning!

Learn lighting at our online film school


There’s a lot of magic that happens in post-production but that is limited by the footage they receive. Lighting makes that footage look amazing before it even get’s to the cutting room. So to learn about lighting at our online film school is a guarantee that your films will forever look better than the competition.


Kickstart your filmmaking career by learning from working industry professionals.

Our expert tutors are hand picked to produce the very best courses online. Our expert tutors are hand picked to produce the very best courses online.

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To give you an idea of what our courses are like, take a look at a sample lesson from our Colour Grading and Colour Correction course by Rob Bessette.

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